Hi, my name is Steve Karp. I use animation to tell stories that entertain, inform, and inspire! I create impactful and entertaining content for networks, agencies, studios, businesses, museums, and the US government. I've been involved in every part of the animation process from script to screen including concept development, design, animation, directing, and creative team management. Using my own skills and tapping into a diverse network of freelance creatives, I assemble trusted teams that produce curated looks with fresh perspectives. Think of me as the head chef, my team as the ingredients, and Karptoons as the kitchen where I cook up tasty visual treats made to order!
Stuff I Make
Children’s Entertainment  
Broadcast Spots 
Brand & Series Toolkits
Messaging & Explainer Videos
Museum & Interactive Content​​​​​​​
Animation, Motion Graphics, & Illustration
Creative & Art Direction
Project & Creative Team Management
Story & Concept Development
Pre Viz Design, Storyboards, & Animatics
Creative Editing & FX
Sound Design & Editing
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