Welcome to Karptoons, we’re all about mixing our passion for visual storytelling with a collaborative atmosphere to create engaging and impactful animated content for audiences of all ages across platforms. And we have fun doing it!
Karptoons is led by versatile animator and director Steve Karp. With Steve’s 25 years of experience and our diverse network of talented freelancers, we hand-pick the best teams to bring your ideas to life in a fresh and unique way.
Our work will take your idea to the next level, make your message shine, and leave a lasting impression on your audience. Whether you need us to handle your entire project from concept to delivery or just add a creative touch to your production, let’s make something amazing together!
"Design and animation with character" is not just about using character-driven storytelling, which we love; it also means infusing our work with unique qualities that set us apart. We bring that special touch to your project, connecting and resonating with your audience.
Imagine a quirky personality trait that’s both charming and relatable, a design motif that simplifies complex ideas, or a story detail that reveals deeper meaning with each viewing. Whatever your idea, let us give it some character—the Karptoons way!
Stuff WE Make content for

Children's Entertainment & Edu-Tainment 
Commercials & PSA’s
Messaging & Explainer Videos
Brand & Series Toolkits
Games & Micro Sites
Museum & Interactive Content 
Promotional Materials
Animated Stickers & Gifs
Decks & Presentations


TV, Film, Web, Mobile, Socials, Interactive
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