The Karptoons Recipe
I've learned few things over my career working with studios, post houses, networks, agencies, businesses, museums, and the US government. One of the biggest is that providing creative services is not a "one size fits all" approach. So I use malleable process and pipeline that gives me the freedom, when needed, to provide hand picked creative teams and services. 

Think of me as a head chef, my pipeline as the kitchen, and my diverse network of freelance creatives as the ingredients I use to cook up tasty animation treats! I assemble and mix my colleagues based on project specs, client's tastes, and creative goals. This recipe results in curated looks, fresh perspectives, and a nimble creative process that can be shaped for those who need animation, and for those who provide it. I'm here to help both! 
Stuff I Make
- Broadcast Spots & Social Media Content
- Messaging & Explainer Videos. 
- Shorts & Interstitials.
- Content for Web, Kiosks, & Other Interactive Platforms. 
And I'm always up for a new challenge! 
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