The Karptoons Recipe
Each client and project has a unique set problems to solve and creative goals to achieve. I use a nimble creative process that can be shaped for those who need and make animation, motion graphics, and illustrations.  Whether you only require a storyboard, or an entire animation from script to screen, I can help! Think of me as a head chef, my diverse network of freelance creatives as the ingredients, and Karptoons as the kitchen where I cook up tasty animation treats! I assemble and mix my colleagues as needed, based on project specs and client's tastes. This recipe results in curated looks, fresh perspectives, and a smooth creative process.
Stuff I Make
- Broadcast Spots & Social Media Content
- Messaging & Explainer Videos. 
- Shorts & Interstitials.
- Content for Web, Kiosks, & Other Interactive Platforms. 
And I'm always up for a new challenge! 
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