In 2021 we participated in the DC in Motion's 5th annual Frames of Fear animation showcase. The animations were projected onto storefronts and buildings throughout Adams Morgan on the Saturday night before Halloween. The theme was spooky animations related to the stores and restaurants in the DC neighborhood. Our idea was zombie pizza, which stems from Steve's many late nights spent in his twenties eating jumbo slices at 2 in the morning from Pizza Mart and Jumbo Slice! Ahh to be young again. By the end of the night, there were always tons of half-eaten slices filling the trash in and around the restaurants. So Steve thought, what if one of these slices was bitten by a zombie? They would bite each other, rise from the dead, and try to eat back! We later decided to build on this creation by adding audio and some titles to create a Karptoons Halloween card. We turned to the talented Walter Baccoli to collaborate with on the sound design and mix. 

The design, pitch art, and backgrounds were created using #Procreate the iPad. Layout and animation with Adobe Animate. Final color and FX in Adobe After Effects. 
Below are the final backgrounds, concept pitch art, and some early thumbnail sketches.
Credits : 
Concept, art, animation, and edit: Steve Karp 
Sound design and mix: Walter Baccoli
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