After five years, and 14 million plus gamers, it was time for PBS KIDS Kart Kingdom to say goodbye. I was asked to help shape the premise and create these three farewell videos to thank all of the players who made the game so special. This promo was the first time kids were told the game was going away. We wanted to let them know in a way that was honest but also had a positive spin by focusing on one more fun activity to achieve in the kingdom. Kids were able to print out passports that had all of their game achievements listed as fun keep sake. 
This video counting down the top ten moments was created to remind all of the players just how much they helped shape the world of Kart Kingdom along with the PBS KIDS digital team. The kids input and participation over the years is what made the community so special to all who played. 
The third and final video was created to be a love letter to the players by showing them all of the characters and places that were apart of the kingdom. We wanted kids to find new and fun little things with each rewatch. 
Credits : 
Animation director, concept and story development: Steve Karp 
Story artists, animatics, and layout: Serena Wade, Kat Parker, and Steve Karp
Animators: Amanda Gil Perez and Tim Blair 
Motion Graphics and editing: Kat Parker
Music and audio provided by the PBS KIDS digital team.
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