Here is another great piece I worked on during my time as Director of Animation at Interface Media Group. This spot was really fun because it was such a collaborative effort by the team at IMG. We handled everything from the music creation, design, video shoot, animation, composite, and final sound mix. This spot was part of a campaign to introduce the DC2 game to the DC Lottery's Family of Numbers games. 
Creative Directors at MDB: Richard Coad and Bill Hartman
Director: Joe Becker
DP: Brian Edwards 
Art director: Dave Flood 
Animation director: Steve Karp 
Pre-viz design: Dave Leonard, Dave Flood, and Steve Karp
Storyboards and animatics: Dave Leonard and Steve Karp
Animators: Steve Karp, Dave Leonard, and Todd Churn
Technical director and post production lead: Dave Taschler 
Producer and music director: Julie Mays

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