Here is another fun piece I worked on during my time as Director of Animation at Interface Media Group. This spot was really fun because it was such a collaborative effort between myself and the rest of the team at IMG. We handled everything from the music creation, design, video shoot, animation, composite, and final sound mix. This spot was part of a campaign to introduce the DC2 game to the DC Lottery's Family of Numbers games. 
Creative directors at MDB: Richard Coad and Bill Hartman
Director: Joe Becker
DP: Brian Edwards
Art director: Dave Flood
Animation director: Steve Karp
Pre-viz design: Dave Leonard, Dave Flood, and Steve Karp
Storyboards and animatics: Dave Leonard and Steve Karp
Animators: Steve Karp, Dave Leonard, and Todd Churn
Technical director and post production lead: Dave Taschler 
Producer and music director: Julie Mays
Sound design and mix: Interface Media Group

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